Are there complications?
As with any surgery, there are always possible complications. Fortunately, the complication rate for No Scalpel Vasectomy is about 1/10th that of traditional vasectomy. Possible complications include bleeding, infection, and a small lump on the tube (granuloma).

Are there any long-term health risks?
Many studies have been done looking at the long-term health risks of vasectomy. The evidence is reassuring and suggests that men who have vasectomy are no more likely than other men to develop cancer, heart disease, or other medical problems.

Can I discontinue other forms of birth control immediately after vasectomy?
No! Sperm will be present in the system for up to 12 weeks after the procedure. Most men have cleared the sperm by 6 weeks. We cannot tell you that you are sterile until you have had two semen specimens with no sperm. Until then you should use another form of contraception.

Can vasectomy be reversed?
Many times reversal is possible. However, this surgery is expensive, may not be covered by insurance, and is not always successful. Vasectomy should be considered permanent. Before choosing vasectomy, make certain that you do not want any more children.