Office Visits

Pre-operative Visit
This is your first visit to our office. The purpose is to check your medical history, answer questions, do a brief exam, and review a consent form. You are encouraged to bring your partner with you. Please bring a list of any medications you are taking or any allergies you have. You will be given a booklet with information on No Scalpel Vasectomy.

Surgery Day
Typically we do vasectomies on Friday afternoons. Occasionally exceptions are made if your work schedule makes that impossible. We will ask you to arrive 30 – 60 minutes before surgery so we can give you an antibiotic and a muscle relaxant. Your partner may stay with you while the medicines are beginning to work. The procedure takes about 30 minutes. Afterward, we will go over a list of postoperative instructions and prescriptions. You should not drive yourself home. The muscle relaxant, Valium, will take 6 – 8 hours to wear off. After surgery, you should go home, put your feet up, and use an ice pack.

Post-operative Visit
This is a brief visit to check that you are healing normally. This visit will be scheduled for one week after surgery. You do not need to bring anyone with you. We will examine the surgery site to check for any complications. We will review the follow-up semen protocol, and answer any questions.

Cost / Insurance
No Scalpel Vasectomy is usually covered by insurance. We are on most insurance plans, which means the insurance company controls the cost of the procedure. If you do not have insurance, have a high deductible, or would like to know what your cost would be with your insurance, you may discuss it with our office manager.