Post-op Instructions

1. Keep the incision clean and dry for 24 hours. Then you may take a shower and pat it dry. Do not rub. Do not take a bath for 48 hours.

2. Rest today. It is a good idea to put your feet up and place an ice pack on the scrotum when you get home. Use ice off and on all evening until bedtime.

3. Wear a snug fitting jock strap or compression shorts for the first week. This provides comfort and helps prevent bleeding. Keep clean gauze against the skin for several days, until the bleeding has stopped.

4. Avoid heavy lifting, contact sports, or vigorous activity for seven days. This increases the risk of bleeding.

5. Do not ejaculate for seven days. After one week you may return to sexual activity, BUT YOU MUST USE SOME OTHER METHOD OF BIRTH CONTROL until your semen is tested negative for sperm.

6. You should expect some discomfort for a few days. Use your pain prescriptions or Tylenol. If you have severe pain, swelling of the scrotum, redness or pus at the puncture site, or fever, please call us.

7. A painless black and blue color around the scrotum and the base of the penis might appear on the second or third day. It is harmless and will fade over several days.

8. A hematoma (blood clot) causes an enlarging mass in the scrotum (larger than a 25 cent piece) and is usually painful. If this occurs, call us right away.

9. If there are any sutures used, they will absorb within 7 – 14 days and do not need to be removed. Your puncture site will heal nicely within two weeks, even without sutures. A small amount of oozing from the puncture site is expected for several days.

10. If you have any questions or concerns about how you are healing, please call our office.

11. Remember, you must not rely on the vasectomy for birth control until you have two semen checks showing no sperm. After six weeks or 15 ejaculations, bring your semen sample to be tested. When the first specimen is clear, we will ask you to bring another specimen in one week. When both of those are clear, you won’t need to use other protection.

12. A repeat semen check at 3 – 6 months is recommended to insure against late failure.